Iowa County for 2020

Poweshiek County for 2020

Ann Egley (D) for Iowa House of Representatives District 76


Single Payer / Medicare For All

We need to create a comprehensive health care and mental heath care system that includes every adult and child in Iowa. Our inadequate mental health and medicaid systems need to be funded and fixed. Health care is the right of all citizens, not just those who can afford it.

Restore Collective Bargaining

Union workers, Teachers, First responders and Government employees  must make a sustainable living wage that matches the rate of inflation and be given comprehensive benefits. We owe them our gratitude for the work they do.

Invest In Education

6% increase in the public education budget, wage increases and benefits for para educators and school support staff, onsite counselors for students in crisis. 

Infrastructure Improvement and Repairs

Many of our bridges are unsafe and many of our roads need to be replaced and reworked. Repairing our infrastructure will make Iowa safer and create more jobs.

Stabilizing Uncertain Markets With Diverse Crops

With increasing market uncertainty, it's up to Iowa to diversify crops to stabilize the marketplace. Crops such as oats, industrial hemp, alfalfa and wheat can diversify what Iowa grows to keep competitive. 

Renewable Energy and Innovation

Iowa can lead the way into the future with biofuels, wind energy and solar. 

ANN Egley (D) is a candidate that is...


Always there and ready to help.


Ready to work with lawmakers to improve the lives all Iowans 

New Leadership

Working for all Iowans and not the interests of a select few


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