My Story

In 2016 I watched Senator Bernie Sanders give a Presidential Campaign speech at Grinnell College. He inspired me to get involved in the political process. I decided to join the Democratic Party and started volunteering for the Iowa County Democrats. To help Bernie I knocked on doors, made phones calls, and Caucused for him.  Fellow Bernie supporter, Jacob Tornholm, decided to run against the Republican Incumbant in our house district and asked for my help. I became his Treasurer and assisted with his campaign. We worked hard in those ten months and talked to a lot of people, but the Republican Incumbant  kept his seat. 

Why am I running?

 Iowa's healthcare system is not working, barging rights have been stripped away from government employees and unions. Corporations are getting tax credits and cuts they don't need. Iowans need fiscally responsible practices that benefit everyone. 



Ann Egley grew up in Warrenville, Illinois. After graduating from high school, she attended the College of Dupage and earned an Associates Degree. She  then continued her education at Southern Illinois University, where she earned a Bachelor's degree in Journalism. While at SIU she met her future husband, John and became engaged during her senior year. After graduation, Ann and John moved back to her hometown and were married. Ann has worked as a Reporter and Photographer for two newspapers and as a Substitute Teacher. In 2012, John started working in Cedar Rapids and their family moved to Iowa. Currently, Ann lives in Williamsburg with her husband John and two daughters.

Iowa House District 76

House District 76 includes Grinnell, Malcom, Brooklyn, Searsboro, Montezuma, Williamsburg, Victor, East Amana, High Amana, Middle Amana